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April 25, 2012 at 10:07 am #32


We want people to voice their thoughts on here, but not to act as sociopaths. So anyone breaking Facebook rules will be reported to Facebook and anyone breaking the law of the land will be reported to the police. Please play nice.

1 The interpretation and implementation of these rules by the moderators and administrators is final and absolute. There is no appeals procedure and no discussion or debate will be entered into.

2 Stay on topic for a given thread. It is inconsiderate of others to do otherwise.

3 No libel, no slander, no personal attacks. Don’t defame anyone or anything with or without malicious intent — it could get you into a world of trouble. Treat people as you would wish to be treated yourself, or better. Ad hominem comments are not allowed against anyone. So do not say “Barack Obama is an idiot” instead say “I disagree with Barack Obama’s policy on XYZ”. Be nice to each other.

4 This is a friendly, family safe community. So no bad language. No adult topics. No obscene imagery. Always bear in mind that what you post can and will be seen by children.

5 No spamming, no trolling, no flaming, no advertising, no cliques. You know when you are doing this, so just don’t.

6 The language of the forum is English and only English. A community works by inclusiveness and that means that everybody must be able to understand everything.

7 Don’t make the same post multiple times. This is spamming. Unless the forum administrator does it!

8 Do not push religious or political views excessively. This really is not the place.

9 Before posting look to see if there is a conversation already running on your proposed subject, if so add to that. Please do not open duplicate threads.

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